Taste and Tradition

The restaurant is surrounded by a large garden and a courtyard, while the dining room is spacious and characterized by the typical fireplace for winter grilling.In the restaurant you can taste the typical flavours of the best traditional Tuscan cuisine, based on a simple food but strongly linked to the food traditions of the Val D’Orcia, where olive oil and “smells” are the basis of cooking meat, sauces and vegetables.Our chef pays particular attention to the choice of food for cooking she would at home, using meat and vegetables coming from the vegetable garden and wines from various local firms. Cakes and cookies are homemade as often the pasta.Do not miss the peasant croutons, pici and pappardelle (pasta) with meat sauce, bread soup, wild boar stew with potatoes, duck with roast pork, beans, ribollita (beans and vegetable casserole) cakes and housewife pies and many other delicious specialties of our rural culture all washed down with a good local wine.All of this is reflected in the style of service offered, both friendly and spontaneo.